SwC Poker Site to Launch Software Upgrade Dubbed SwC 3.0

Posted on by Phil Duncan

SwC PokerSwC Poker, formerly known as Seals With Clubs, is planning to roll out new software that’ll support four different platforms including mobile, not just Windows.

The upgrade will permit PC, Mac, Android, and HTML5 users to log on and play at SwC Poker. Expanding its range of potential customers by supporting new platforms will likely increase player traffic at the Bitcoin-friendly poker site.

The software reboot was previously set to take place on October 22, but site administrators have pushed the launch date back one week to October 29. The new software is currently in the beta testing stage, with a select group of loyal SwC players chosen to play poker and provide feedback before the launch becomes official.

Brief History of SwC Poker

The software update is being referred to as SwC 3.0, as it will be the third iteration since the poker room first launched as Seals With Clubs in 2012. Soon after that relaunched a 2.0 version of the poker room as SwC Poker. The site has continued operating ever since with a loyal group of players from around the world – the US included – who prefer the advantages of playing online poker using the world’s most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

SwC Poker remains the only standalone poker site in the industry that uses Bitcoin exclusively, and provides no banking functions. It’s up to players to deposit Bitcoin onto the site from their crypto wallets. Likewise, all withdrawals are sent to players’ crypto wallets at the addresses provided.

The system works extremely well, removing the burden of payment processing from site administrators. With such payment headaches out of the equation, SwC Poker is able to take lower rake amounts from pots and tournament fees, and it makes for safety of funds as SwC simply facilitates player deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin.

Smoother Functions, New Satellites

SwC Poker 3.0 is set to include a new codebase that will allow the poker client to run more smoothly and avoid crashes and player disconnects. Losing connection during a hand has long been the bane of poker players throughout the industry – not just at SwC Poker.

The current Krill rakeback system at SwC Poker that permits even brand new players to earn rakeback will continue. Other changes resulting from the upgrade include new satellite tournaments and a restructuring of the chip to Bitcoin ratio.

Previously, 1,000 chips equalled 1 BTC at SwC. Following the 3.0 launch, 1 Bitcoin will be equivalent to 1,000,000 chips. Players are reminded to reset their passwords via email after the upgrade takes effect.

Variety of Games

All Poker GamesSwC Poker’s uniqueness doesn’t end with its Bitcoin-only format. The poker room spreads a number of poker variants not typically seen elsewhere.

Games like Open Face Chinese Poker, Courchevel Hi/Lo 8-or-Better, Razz and Badeucy are just some of the different offerings available. Those variants can typically be found on both cash game and tournament tables at different stake levels.

Anonymous Play

Another advantage at SwC Poker is the relative anonymity at which players can log on and play. All that’s required is an email address to create an account. Players are free to transfer funds to each other and open a new account at any time.

SwC likens the situation to that of a live poker room where players sit down at a poker table without having to reveal their name or anything about themselves if they so choose. Simply bring your own Bitcoin and play!

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