Seals with Clubs Plan Software Update for March

Posted on by Phil Duncan

Seals with Clubs Plan Software Update for MarchBitcoin poker site Seals with Clubs is planning a rollout of software improvements at the end of March that will improve the stability and security of the site

According to a recent AMA on the social networking site Reddit (AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything”), Seals with Clubs is aiming to introduce software improvements by the end of March that will put an end to many of the problems experienced by players on the site.

Ever since the site´s launch in August 2011, Seals with Clubs has been plagued by software crashes, DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service) and, in December 2013, the site´s database was hacked and thousands of player´s records were compromised.

Although nobody has ever lost money due to a software outrage or hack, Seals with Clubs is taking steps to ensure that Bitcoin online poker players are no longer inconvenienced by the interruptions – before bringing in more changes to increase the popularity of the site.

Phase 1 – Due Next Month

The AMA was hosted by the Seals with Clubs Chairman who, after explaining that many of the intended software improvements had been delayed because of security issues, introduced “Dr Huh” to the discussion.

“Dr Huh” is one of Seals with Clubs leading programmers, and he elaborated on the primary changes that players would see when the first phase of software improvements is rolled out on the Bitcoin exclusive poker site next month.

Much of the discussion was technical and revolved around the upgrading of the Seals with Clubs encryption process from sha1 to sha256, but Dr Huh also revealed that his todo list comprised of:

  • Finish rewriting the site with a higher grade of security and auditing the code that accesses the player database
  • Improving the stability of the server in order that Seals with Clubs can support the growing number of players and increase the site´s schedule of poker tournaments
  • Adding disconnection protection – Seals with Clubs have a policy of refunding players when the system crashes and, as the value of the Bitcoin increases, this policy is proving expensive
  • Introducing late registration for tournaments. Dr Huh implied that late registration would only last for 5 minutes initially, but could be changed in the future.
  • Changes to the software protocol that will reduce the bandwidth required to play poker at Seals with Clubs and also reduce battery usage on mobile devices.

 Phase 2 – Possible uBitcoin Site

The chairman also answered questions about the future prospects for Seals with Clubs as the value of the Bitcoin increases. He said that there were ongoing discussions about developing a uBitcoin poker site – a site that would enable players to play for units of 0.00001 BTC (about $0.01 at current exchange values) – but it was something that was likely to be a future development rather than a tweak to the current Seals with Clubs software.

He confessed that the current software was incapable of handling such small denominations because the value of the Bitcoin was far lower back in 2011 when the code for Seals with Clubs was first written; but he also confirmed that Seals with Clubs would always remain a Bitcoin-only poker room and that he would never consider the acceptance of fiat currency or any other form of cryptocurrency as a deposit option.

He also revealed that future additions to the software will include the introduction of more poker formats, including the increasingly popular Open Face Chinese Poker, and that Seals with Clubs were expanding their software team. He requested that any “totally insane Zuckerberg+ coder that wants to help us change the game” should get in touch with him.

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