Seals with Clubs Back Online as SWCPoker

Posted on by Phil Duncan

Seals with Clubs Back Online as SWCPoker

UPDATE March 5th 2015. A message posted on the former home page has announced that cash outs will only be available until May 5th 2015. After this date it will not be possible to retrieve balances, connect an email address to an account or reset a password.

Bitcoin-exclusive poker site Seals with Clubs is back online – re-branded as SWCPoker – less than two weeks after closing down due to technical issues.

Just ten days after we reported that Seals with Clubs was closing, SWC V2 has been re-launched. The “new” Seals with Clubs is much different from it former incarnation – offering a wider choice of games, more freerolls and rakeback of up to 50%.

The news that the site was back up and running spread quickly and traffic on Sunday evening peaked at over 150 players. Many players were trying out variants of Bitcoin poker that had been unavailable on the former Seals with Clubs software – such as OFC Pineapple, Badeucey and Badacey – and the new additions seem to have been enthusiastically welcomed.

Math Does Not Bow to Guns

Since the announcement that Seals with Clubs was closing, further facts have emerged about the reasons behind the decision. A video statement was released explaining that his home had been raided by armed law enforcement officers brandishing a warrant from the Nevada Gaming Control Board and that equipment was taken from his house.

After being detained for eight hours, he was released without charge. The raid on his home coincided with an “irregularity” on a Seals with Clubs server in Romania which prompted the other owners of Seals with Clubs to withdraw from the operation and close the site.

Using terminology such as math does not bow to guns and wanting to protect his two-year old daughter from a police state where creatively is met with guns, he told viewers that would soon be launched and – true to his word – the site went into soft launch on Friday from servers based in Antigua.

The Key Differences between SWC V1 and SWC V2

The primary difference between the former version of Seal with Clubs and SWCPoker is the much improved software. Players who struggled for four years with the unreliability of the old PokerMavens software will be delighted with the smoothness of the new version. Unfortunately for some, it is only available as a PC download – there is no “instant play” or mobile version (yet).

In addition to the new poker variants mentioned above, Bitcoin poker players can also test their skills at Badugi, 2-7 Triple Draw, 7 Card Stud and Razz – both at the cash game tables and in mixed poker and dealer´s choice tournaments. is hosting multiple low value freerolls during its soft launch period to give players the opportunity to become familiar with these games and to gauge how popular they may be as part of a new tournament schedule.

Some things have not changed with the launch of SWCPoker. Players can still qualify for rakeback of up to 50% based on their action at the tables, qualify for more valuable freerolls as they progress through the VIP program, and gain extra “table starter” rakeback for playing two or three handed at tables with six seats or more. Although there was no feature tournament last night, based on the enthusiasm shown by players for the new site, the “Big BTC” returns next Sunday (March 8th) offering a 10 BTC guaranteed prize pool for a buy-in of 0.25 BTC.

Limited Time Available to Withdraw from Seals with Clubs V.1

All “Krill” that had been accumulated in the original version of Seals with Clubs is being carried forward automatically to, but not player balances. As mentioned in our news item announcing the closure of Seals with Clubs, players with Bitcoin balances still remaining on the “old” site are advised to withdraw them as quickly as possible.

Withdrawals can be made instantly by visiting the old website and following the instructions on the home page. The home page also bears a warning that withdrawals are only available for a limited amount of time and may stop suddenly if the domain name is seized or the withdrawal server stops being operational.

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