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Black Chip Poker Bonus Code

Bonus CodeAlthough our Black Chip Poker bonus code page is targeted towards players transacting with online poker sites in Bitcoin, the bonus code for first deposits – “BTCBONUS” – and the process for clearing the bonus is the same whatever method of payment you use.

New players will find our Questions & Answers sections very helpful in deciding “how much do I need to deposit to clear the full Black Chip Poker bonus?” Experienced players, who have cleared poker bonuses successfully in the past, will find tips in our Black Chip Poker promo code page that they might not have considered previously.

We recommend that you read our Black Chip Poker bonus code page all the way through. Not only do we explain how the Black Chip Poker bonus works, but we also provide examples of how you can clear it within the sixty days allowed, and what you can do with the points you have collected once the bonus has been added to your bankroll.

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The Black Chip Poker Bonus

The Black Chip Poker bonus for first deposits is a 100% match on the amount with which you fund your account. You qualify for the bonus by entering the Black Chip Poker bonus code “BTCBONUS” when you first create your account after you have downloaded the poker software. To download the poker software, visit Black Chip Poker from any of the links on this page and click “Download Now”.

The field in which to enter the Black Chip Poker bonus code appears on the first registration page (see the image below). Once the registration process is complete, you can then visit the Cashier´s page and fund your account using Bitcoin or a number of alternative deposit options. We recommend that you also verify your account to enhance your online security and accelerate the withdrawal process when you want to cash out.

Q&A: What is the minimum and maximum amounts I can deposit?
In order to be eligible for the bonus, the minimum you must deposit is the equivalent of $50.00. The maximum you can deposit is the equivalent to $25,000. However, only the first $1,000 will be eligible for the 100% match bonus.

Clearing the First Deposit Bonus

Once you have created and funded your account, you can then start playing online poker for real money. As you do so, you will earn “Award Points” for contributing to the rake deducted from cash games, or for paying a fee to enter a Sit & Go game or multitable poker tournament.

“Award Points” are awarded at the rate of 5.5 Points per dollar contributed in rake or paid in fees. So, if you were to enter a tournament with a $20.00 buy-in and a $2.00 fee, you would receive 11 “Award Points”. Each time you collect 27.5 “Award Points”, $1.00 of your outstanding bonus is cleared and added to your “Available Bonus Cash” balance (in the “Bonus Management” section of the poker client).

Q&A: What happens if I don´t clear the full bonus within 60 days?
Any first deposit bonus that has not been cleared will be forfeited. However, the site regularly offers its players reload bonuses, each with their own Black Chip Poker promo code.

Black Chip Poker Bonus Code

Other New Player Benefits

In addition to qualifying for a first deposit bonus of up to $1,000 when you use the Black Chip Poker bonus code “BTCBONUS”, new players will also receive up to four tournament tickets for a $250 freeroll and entry into the site´s “Elite Benefits” player rewards program.

Why “up to four” tournament tickets? That is because the New Depositor Freerolls are played each Saturday at 12:05pm (ET). When you make your first deposit, you receive entry tickets for all the freerolls remaining in that calendar month. If you fund your account on the first of the month, you will get four tickets; but if you leave it until the middle of the month, you will receive only two.

Q&A: Are the New Depositor Freerolls easy?
No. You have to remember that some first-time depositors are not necessarily “new” players. Furthermore, in this particular freeroll, every player starts short-stacked, so you have very little time to get accustomed to the players around you.

The Elite Benefits Program

The “Elite Benefits” player rewards program is possibly one of the best rewards programs offered by any online poker site. It works by awarding “Benefit Points” whenever you contribute to the rake deducted from cash game pots or pay a tournament entry. The number of “Benefit Points” you earn within a month determines your status within the “Elite Benefits” program.

Depending on what status you achieve, your “Benefit Points” are multiplied and converted into “Player Points”. The higher status you achieve, the higher the multiplier applied, and the more “Player Points” you receive. “Player Points” can be used in the online store to exchange for cash, tournament entries and packages to Black Chip Poker sponsored live poker events.

Q&A: How valuable is the Elite Benefits program?
Very. We have given an example below of the points you would need to earn to clear various levels of first deposit bonus, the benefits that you would receive from the Elite Benefits program, and also the cash “Medal of Achievement Awards” you would receive for reaching specific “Benefit Points” milestones.

Our example is based on a player completing the bonus requirements over two calendar months (i.e. January 1 to February 28). Consequently there would be no multipliers applied to the “Benefit Points” earned in month 1. If the same exercise was conducted over a sixty day period spanning three calendar months (for example January 15 to March 15), the returns would be higher because multipliers would be applied to the “Benefit Points” earned in February and March.

Amount Deposited $100 $250 $500 $1,000
Benefit Points Required 2,750 6,875 13,750 27,500
Status Achieved Rounder Grinder Grinder Veteran
Player Points Earned 3,437 10,312 20,625 48,125
Bonus Amount $100 $250 $500 $1,000
Player Points Exchange $30 $100 $200 $480
Medals of Achievement $30 $100 $150 $250
Total Value $160 $450 $850 $1,730

Earn Even More Money from the Beast

Black Chip Poker hosts a weekly non-contributory rake race known as “The Beast”. Hundreds of cash prizes and tournament entries are awarded each week to the players who earn the most points based on their contribution to raked deductions of $0.25 or more. At the time of writing this Black Chip Poker promo code page, more than $80,000 is distributed each week in prizes.

A player on target to clear the full Black Chip Poker bonus would be earning around 1,300 “Beast Points” per day – usually enough to fill one of the top twenty spots on the leaderboard and pick up a cash prize of between $250 and $2,500. Over the eight weeks allowed to clear the Black Chip Poker bonus that would equate to minimum $2,000 extra boost to the player´s bankroll.

Q&A: How do you participate in the Beast promotion?
Whenever you play a real money cash game, you are automatically awarded “Beast Points” towards your position on the weekly leaderboard. There is no need to opt into the promotion.

A Few Words for Novice Players

With all due respect to your level of skill in other areas of your life, if you are a novice poker player, we do not recommend playing four $1.00/$2.00 tables simultaneously when you first start playing online poker for real money. Reduce you stakes substantially and do not go chasing the first deposit bonus – even though it might be the primary reason why you are registering an account with Black Chip Poker.

By all means use the Black Chip Poker bonus code when first registering your account – after all, any free poker money is welcome. The site has plenty of excellent promotions and money-making opportunities that you will be able to take advantage of over the forthcoming years; and, if you quickly blow $1,000 playing at high stakes against more experienced online poker players, it could dissuade from persevering with online poker and more lucrative opportunities in the future.

If you want to accelerate the rate at which you are earning “Award Points”, “Benefit Points” and “Beast Points”, choose to play in poker disciplines such as Omaha Hi/Lo and Stud Hi/Lo where there are two pots to win and the chances that your bankroll will be devastated are much lower. More players usually get involved in hands at these disciplines, so even though you may be playing at lower stakes a proportionately higher number of points are awarded per hand.

Black Chip Poker Bonus Code Summary

We hope you will benefit from reading this page about the Black Chip Poker promo code. Many poker players do not associate the benefits of the player reward program and other promotions with the first deposit bonus; but, as our examples show, the Black Chip Poker bonus code (“BTCBONUS”) opens the door to a potentially lucrative experience which includes:

  • The most valuable online poker tournaments for players in the USA.
  • Around-the-clock action on both tournament and cash game tables.
  • Jackpot Poker & Black Chip Poker´s innovative Sit & Go 2.0 games.
  • A fantastic selection of promotions and frequent reload bonuses.
  • One of the best reward programs offered by any online poker site.
  • Feature-rich software with easy-to-navigate lobbies.
  • Easy Bitcoin deposits and fast Bitcoin withdrawals.