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Americas Cardroom Bonus Code

Americas Cardroom Bonus CodeIf you are weighing up the pros and cons of registering an account with Americas Cardroom, this article on the Americas Cardroom bonus code might just make up your mind for you. For not only does the article contain details about the bonus code for Americas Cardroom, and where it should be inserted when you first create your account, but also the connection between the site´s first deposit bonus, it´s rewards program and the weekly “Beast” rake race.

The get the maximum benefit from this article, we recommend that you read it all the way through. If you are a new online poker, you might want to start at the end to read our warning about the stake levels we use in our examples, but we hope that most poker players reading this page will grasp the relationship between the first deposit bonus (and any subsequent reload bonuses), the rewards program and the “Beast”.

The Americas Cardroom Bonus

The Americas Cardroom bonus is a 100% match on the amount on first deposits up to $1,000. You qualify for this poker bonus by entering the Americas Cardroom bonus codeBTCBONUS” when you first create your account after you have downloaded the poker software. The field in which to enter the bonus code appears on the first page of the registration process (see the image below).

Once you have created your new account, you can then fund it using a number of convenient deposit options – including Bitcoin – in the secure browser-based Cashier. We recommend that you also complete the verification process to increase the security of your funds and to speed up the cashout process when you want to withdraw your winnings!

This welcome bonus up to an amount of $1,000 does not mean that you have to limit your first deposit to that amount or Bitcoin equivalent. It is the maximum first deposit bonus you can receive. Subject to deposit limits – and provided that you are not playing online poker with money you cannot afford to lose – it is much easier to clear the Americas Cardroom bonus with a bigger bankroll behind you.

Where to Fill In the Bonus Code

Clearing the Americas Cardroom Bonus

Once you have registered your account and made your first deposit, you can then start playing online poker for real money. Whenever you get involved in a pot in a cash game and make a contribution to the rake that is deducted from the pot, you will collect “Award Points”. You will also collect “Award Points” for paying a fee to play in a Sit n Go game or in one of the site´s tournaments.

“Award Points” are distributed at the rate of 5.5 Points per dollar contributed to the rake or paid in fees. So, if you put $4.00 into a pot from which 5% rake was deducted, you would collect 1.1 “Award Points”. If you were to enter a Sit n Go game with a $20.00 buy-in and a $2.00 fee, you would receive 11 “Award Points”. Each time your points balance increases by 27.5 “Award Points”, $1.00 of your outstanding Americas Cardroom bonus is cleared and added to the “Available Bonus Cash” balance that appears in the “Bonus Management” section of the poker client.

You have 60 days in which to earn the “Award Points” needed to clear your Americas Cardroom bonus, after which any uncleared bonus is forfeited. Ideally you should schedule your play at the site so that you are not busting a gut to clear the bonus at the eleventh hour and you should not worry if you fail to clear your full Americas Cardroom bonus within the 60 days allowed. Reload bonuses are often made available to existing players, each with their own Americas Cardroom bonus code.

Other New Player Benefits

As well as a first deposit bonus of up to $1,000 when you use the Americas Cardroom bonus code “BTCBONUS”, new players also receive up to four entries into a $250 freeroll tournament, twenty days of free Jackpot Poker, and have the benefits of the “Elite Benefits” rewards program available.

Jackpot Poker is a hyper-turbo, three-handed Sit n Go game in which a random prize up to 2,500 times the buy-in is drawn before the game begins. Players creating and funding a new account will receive a voucher each day for a Jackpot Poker game with a value of between $2.00 and $6.00. The voucher can be used the same day, or saved up and combined with other day´s vouchers to enter more valuable games. Every player is guaranteed a minimum of $50.00 in Jackpot Poker vouchers.

We believe that the “Elite Benefits” rewards program is the most rewarding loyalty program offered by any online poker site. This is because of the high volumes of rewards, the easily attainable statuses, and the additional “Medals of Achievement” players receive for reaching certain milestones. Dollar-for-dollar, the effective rate of rakeback is higher than players can at any other online poker site.

Americas Cardroom Elite Benefits Program

When you play real money poker at Americas Cardroom, as well as collecting “Award Points” to help you clear the Americas Cardroom bonus, you will also be collecting “Rank Points” towards your status and rewards in the site´s “Elite Benefits” program. Like “Award Points”, “Rank Points” are also awarded at the rate of 5.5 points for each dollar paid in fees or contributed to the rake, and how many “Rank Points” you earn each month will determine your status within the “Elite Benefits” program.

Points add up quickly due to Americas Cardroom using the weighted contributed method pf points distribution and, once you have achieved Level 2 in the program, multipliers are applied to your “Rank Points”. Once the multipliers have been applied, the “Rank Points become “Combat Points” and these are the currency that can be used for cash exchanges and to buy tournament entry tickets.

A player clearing the maximum Americas Cardroom bonus will earn sufficient Combat Points within the sixty days to exchange them for a minimum of $480, plus they will also collect a minimum of $250 in “Medals of Achievement”.  Plus, there is the money that can be won in the site´s non-contributory weekly rake race – “The Beast”.

Earn Even More Money from the Beast

The Beast is a major factor in the growth of Americas Cardroom over recent years. The rake race is funded by a percentage of the rake deducted from cash game pots and it pays out tens of thousands of dollars each week in the form of cash prizes and tournament entry tickets.

In each pot where a minimum of $0.25 is paid in rake, $0.02 of every $0.06 deducted goes towards the Beast prize pool. Players are awarded one “Beast Point” for each $0.02 they contribute to the Beast prize pool, and the points add up on a leaderboard.

At the rate of action required to clear the maximum Americas Cardroom bonus, players should be earning sufficient “Beast Points” to claim a top twenty position in the weekly competition. This would earn a minimum cash prize of $250 and, seeing that there are eight Beast competitions within the sixty days allowed to clear the bonus, the minimum amount a player should expect to win in the Beast rake race is another $2,000.

A Few Words for Novice Poker Players

We mentioned during the introduction to this Americas Cardroom bonus code page that novice players should read this section first, and here is why. We do not recommend that your first experience of the site should be to play six $0.50/$1.00 full-ring tables simultaneously. Even though the Americas Cardroom bonus may be the reason that you registered an account with the site, it will be better for you in the long run if you start at lower stakes with fewer tables and build up gradually as your experience and level of skill increases.

You should still use the Americas Cardroom bonus code when first creating your account – after all, any bonus money you collect is free poker money! However, there is never any shortage of money-making opportunities at the site, and what we would not wish to happen is that you lose your bankroll playing against more experienced online poker players.

If you want to collect “Award Points”, “Benefit Points” and “Beast Points” faster at lower stake levels, play cash games such as Omaha Hi/Lo or Stud Hi/Lo, in which there are often two pots to win and players are more inclined to get involved in the pre-flop betting – creating proportionately bigger pots and awarding proportionately more points than in games of NL Texas Hold´em. The chances of losing your bankroll are also much lower.

Americas Cardroom Bonus Code Summary

We hope that you have been able to see the connection between the Americas Cardroom bonus code, the “Elite Benefits” rewards program and the Beast rake race. Many poker players tend to approach each opportunity separately and do not see the connection between the three. However, as our examples show, there is plenty of value – and a potentially lucrative poker experience waiting for you – when you use the following bonus code for Americas Cardroom:BTCBONUS”.